Emergency & Acute Care

Diagnosis & Treatments

Dayton General Hospital is a fully accredited, Critical Access Hospital, licensed to provide inpatient general acute care. Our acute care nursing and physician team is certified and well trained to provide excellent care for your acute illness. Diagnosis and treatment of your need are assisted by our on-site lab, radiology, and respiratory therapy departments. Our facility has cardiac monitoring capability for our hospital patients. We offer an excellent patient to staff ratio, which allows our staff to provide detailed care.

We also offer inpatient care for sub-acute ‘swing-bed’ patients (those that need a step down from acute care but still require skilled nursing care and/or Physical Therapy for an extended period).

This service allows residents who may have had an Acute hospitalization or surgery to return to our facility and receive excellent nursing and rehabilitation for an extended period of time.

Dayton General Hospital offers 24 hours a day Emergency Care. We are available to meet pediatric, adult, and elderly emergent needs. Our emergency room staff is certified in emergency care for both pediatric and adult patients. As a level V Trauma facility, our staff is trained to treat emergencies on-site as well as stabilize and transfer patients needing a higher level of care. Additionally, we have Level III stroke center and Level II cardiac center designations. Transferring patients is accomplished by ground ambulance and also by medical helicopter via our on-site landing pad.

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