Medical Records



A medical record is maintained for every individual evaluated or treated at Columbia County Health System. The medical record documents the course of your care and treatment received within the facilities of Columbia County Health System and may assist in continuity of your care as well as other purposes. The medical record is the property of the hospital and is maintained for your benefit as well as that of the medical staff and Columbia County Health System. It is the responsibility of Columbia County Health System to safeguard the record and the confidentiality of the information contained within. Written consent by you will allow release of medical information to persons not otherwise authorized to receive this information. The Medical Records Department at Dayton General Hospital is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

To request copies of your medical record following discharge, you may contact the Medical Records Department at 509-382-3203 within the hours listed above. There may be a fee associated with processing a request for medical records. An authorization for medical information form may be sent to you upon your request or you may print it from the link below. Upon receipt of a completed signed authorization form, medical records will then be sent to the facility or person specified on the authorization form.

More Information: Click to view a copy of our Privacy Policy. For a release of medical information, please fill out the Release of Information Form.